Someone once told me a story about a friend of their's who was a firefighter and decided to change careers because, as he put it, "he was tired of his every day, being everyone else's worst day".  It's definitely not difficult to sympathize with that kind of rationale, and it's a reminder of the debt we all owe to our first responders. 

It's also a reminder of how blessed we are at Cucina Mauro Catering.  That's because more often than not, our "every day" is everyone else's best day.   We have the privilege of being part of so many milestone celebrations and it always brings as much of a smile to our faces as it does to our clients.  In just the last couple of weeks, we've had the honour of serving clients for a wedding reception, a 50th birthday celebration, TWO 40th birthday celebrations, TWO baby showers, and more.

These are the happiest times in their lives and for a short period we have the opportunity to become part of the family and enjoy the celebration right along with them. It's a true honour, and not one that we take for granted. We know how important these events are, and that's why we put our personal touch into everything we do.