A quick look at the lasagna description in our menu reveals what many consider to be an odd ingredient: boiled egg.  We have received many client inquiries about this ingredient, usually because they don't understand why it's there.   The answer is simple: because we use a traditional and authentic southern Italian recipe.

The issue here is larger than just lasagna. It's really about the difference between Italian cuisine, and what North Americans perceive as Italian cuisine.  While it may seem strange to include hard boiled egg in lasagna, it is actually a very common ingredient in southern Italy.  My mother has always included hard boiled egg in various versions of her pasta al forno, including lasagna, cannelloni, or rigatoni. She would often include slices of boiled egg, but I prefer it minced. It adds a wonderful texture and flavour to the lasagna.

We have received requests to make our lasagna without the egg because it just seems so foreign to some people. That's no problem. We don't mind omitting it; but, if you enjoy authentic food, I would encourage you to give it a chance.