An interesting anecdote from a recent encounter: I was visiting one of my favourite local Italian bakeries and I came across a couple making some inquiries to the staff about catering options, which the establishment’s signage prominently indicates that they offer.  More specifically, the couple was asking if there was a catering menu that they could order from.  As I watched, much to my dismay, the couple was rudely told that they should just order from the hot table menu displayed on the wall, which was followed by head-shaking by the staff person. The nerve of them to ask for a catering men (insert sarcasm)! As I watched this, I realized that I was witnessing what makes Cucina Mauro Catering different from the other options for authentic home-style Italian food:  our combination of professionalism and customer service in addition to the quality of our food.

I have long believed that some of the best Italian food available (for sale, that is – nobody can beat nonna’s), is from local Italian bakeries, cheese shops, and butchers.  Many Italian bakeries are just as famous for their “hot tables” as they are for their bread; and where better to get a classic salumi or cheese platter than an Italian cheese and deli shop? Similarly, some of the best porchetta I’ve had (other than my own, of course) has been from Italian butcher shops that not only sell the pork, but also roast it!  Not only do these places provide authentic Italian food, but they have the added charm and character that often comes along with these types of establishments.

Unfortunately, what these establishments are often lacking is a dedicated and professional focus on catering services.  Now, don’t get me wrong, that is not intended as a criticisim. Bakeries, delis, and butchers may have great catered food, but at the end of the day, they are still bakeries, delis, and butchers; they are not caterers.

At Cucina Mauro Catering, our philosophy is simple: provide the same authenticity Italian food that you would get from genuine Italian establishments, but with focused and dedicated professional catering services and customer attention.  That means providing personalized attention and customer service, offering delivery services, providing full-on site service if needed, coordinating event services like décor and equipment rentals, and most importantly treating you like you are a member of our family, from start to finish.

We look forward to serving you.