Cucina Mauro Catering was founded on the principles of authenticity and the family and friendship bonds that real food  both nurtures and exemplifies.   That's why our logo is one of Nonna Ritacca's actual handwritten recipes. It is intended to represent our authenticity and our emphasis on family.  With these as our core principles, it's no wonder that our favourite part of the catering business is the relationships that we build with our clients.

There are few other businesses that bring you as close to someone's personal life as catering.   The array of events, celebrations, and gatherings that we become part of are endless.  We truly try to treat our clients as part of the family and they quickly begin to feel more like friends than customers. More importantly, we are proud that many of our clients feel the same way about us. 

A nice, related, story: one of our best clients lives overseas. She has friends that live in Toronto and she loves to treat them to catering when they are celebrating an event, which is where Cucina Mauro comes in.  Over time, we have truly become friends with this client as she has appreciated the friendly service that we have provided.  So much so that she called on us asking if we could help with a special gesture that she wanted to do for her Toronto friends when they were participating in a charity fundraiser walk for a cause close to their hearts. She wanted to get them all custom made team caps to wear during their walk, but living overseas she wasn't able to find someone that could do it on short notice. So she gave us a call to see if we could help.  We put her in touch with a contact and he got the job done right on time.  The point of this story is not to praise ourselves for helping with this (all we did was make a phone call); the point is that we are proud of the fact that this client thought to call us to ask for help, for something completely unrelated to catering. That's when we knew we had made a friend, not a client.