At Cucina Mauro Catering, we are very proud of our Italian heritage, and the customs that our past generations brought with them when they immigrated to this great country; but we are equally proud of the way they integrated themselves into Canadian culture. At this time of year, we are reminded of one of our favourite examples of this: Thanksgiving.

Although Thanksgiving is not a holiday that is typically celebrated in Italy, it is something that has been embraced by Italian-Canadian immigrants.  When we were growing up, Thanksgiving was the only day of the year that turkey was served. There would always be a huge one cooking in the oven all afternoon.

Nevertheless, an Italian-Canadian Thanksgiving is still quite unique.  Turkey would always be precipitated by a pasta course, and sometimes even an antipasto. And turkey was rarely the only “secondi” served.  Inevitably, there would be some other kind of meat, like veal cutlets or home-made sausages, served along-side.

Likely, the same story could probably be told by Canadian immigrants from numerous other backgrounds; many of them, most likely, combining a uniquely Canadian tradition with the customs of their homeland.  And, quite frankly, what better way is there to express gratitude for this great Canadian mosaic?

So, in that spirit, make this Thanksgiving a little different. Make it an Italian-Canadian Thanksgiving!  Add a tray of lasagna or cannelloni; serve one of our signature porchetta roasts; add a tray of eggplant parmigiana to your sides; or finish your meal off with one of our delicious Tiramisu cakes.

Let us help make this Thanksgiving easier, and memorable!  Happy Thanksgiving!