Music and food are like a match made in heaven. Think about it: almost any event that has great food, usually has great music playing too. It's no surprise,  really, because both get to the heart of what being alive is all about.  They are about more than feeding our mouth or our ears. They go deeper than that. They feed our souls.

Both can transport you to a special time or place in an instant. One bite of a special dish can transport you right to your grandmother's kitchen, just like one note of your wedding song can transport you to your fist dance.

Food and music evoke powerful emotions, in all of us. That's the philosophy that guides us at Cucina Mauro. We strive to maintain the authenticity of our food and recipes not because the food tastes good, which it does, but because it makes us feel good. And it's also why we happily partner with The Organetto Project to bring you classic Italian music, which will make you feel like you are sitting in a small town square in Italy. We are featuring The Organetto Project at our stall at the King City Farmer's Market next Sunday August 7th. Come out for some good food and music. Click the link to get more information on The Organetto Project, or contact us for more detail on how to add this great feature to your next event.